Monday, 7 April 2014

Exercise: Three Drawings - Sitting

I made a few rapid A4 sketches to warm up for this part of the exercise and then rapidly moved on to the drawing itself.

I decided I wanted to use colour as it had been a while since I'd used much colour in this section of the course. I also decided I wash;t going to attempt to use colour in a realistic way but just for tonal values and contrast without being restricted to flesh tones. I positioned my model in a darkened room and there were only two small light sources. There was a small table lamp positioned to one dose of him and there was the light from his tablet (he was reading) which illuminated his face and the front of his torso.

On the first drawing I particularly like the drawing of his right leg coming towards us. I also really like the way this low lighting has delineated his collarbones and the musculature around his shoulders. My attempt to put him in the context of the background, however, didn't really come off . The light coloured piece of furniture in the background was too dominant. I have tried to reduce its impact and 'knock it back' a bit but don't feel it has adequately resolved. ( Sketchbook 6: Page 13). I ended up cropping the picture to remove as much of the offending article as possible.

I tried again, from a slightly different angle on a larger sheet of paper (between A1 and A2 size). I enjoyed this exercise - particularly the freedom with the colour. On this version I think the most successful elements are in his upper body. I like the contrast between the warm yellowish light from the table-lamp illuminating the back of his shoulder and neck and then cold light from the table illuminating his front and reflecting off his glasses. The lower part is not as successful. His forearm looks too long and thin and his legs seem a bit too short. 

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