Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Check and Log:The Moving Figure

How well  did you manage to convey the sense of a fleeting moment rather than a pose?

I do think that most of m y drawings in this section convey a sense of movement and fleeting moments. This is because they were, by necessity drawn extremely rapidly. I think the most successful drawings are the continuous line drawings, most of which were drawn virtually blind with just the occasional peek at the paper or the i-pad screen (I often draw on the i-pad in the airport as it makes me feel less conspicuous than drawing on paper). These drawings have a partially abstracted quality about them which I like but they still 'read' as human forms.

How successful were your attempts to retain an image and draw later?

Not successful at all! This exercise has led me to understand that my visual memory is really quite poor. Any attempt to draw someone's previous position after they had moved resulted in a very stiff 'stick man' appearance. I seem to panic when the image to be drawn is no longer in front of me. I guess this requires more practice.

Were you able to keep to a few descriptive lines to suggest the person's movement or were you tempted to keep introducing more elements into your work?

This improved as I did more sessions of drawing at the airport. Initially my sketches looked a bit  hesitant with multiple lines and complete outlines of the figures. Gradually I began to control the impulse to be over detailed as I realised how little was required for the figure and movement to be readable. The more successful drawings are the continuous line drawings especially those drawn 'blind' on the i-pad and those drawn  with a bamboo pen and ink.

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