Monday, 14 April 2014

Research Point: People watching

A man explaining something to a woman. There was a
lot of pointing and gesturing going on. It was clearly something
he felt very strongly about 

Bored people in a queue just standing idly around and
staring vacantly into space or listening to music. I alike the abstract
quality of this line drawing. they are only just readable as
human forms

I was truck by this man's way of sitting - he was leaning back
on an airport chair with one leg stretched right out in front of
him and the other akimbo. This seemed a very masculine pose
it looked as though he was relaxed and felt he owned the place.
This was in contrast to the women next to him who were gathered in
and cross legged.

Two travelling companions consulting a map

Most of my drawings are done at the airport. There are dejected weary travellers with heavy bags. Mothers trying to soothe  babies. Couples arguing and the general confusion of airport queues. All of these contain very little detail particularly around the head and face. It is surprising how little is required for our brain to read an image as human. What I haven't successfully achieved however is the differences in facial structure between men and women. Men have stronger brows and chins. However, I have not produced any facial detail in any of my drawings.

Amidst all the confusion of an airport queue, the large guy
 in the centre was bring to use his big shoulders to shove
and jostle his way towards the front.

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