Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Project: The moving figure. Exercise: Sitting and Waiting

I spend a lot of time in airports and this provides a good opportunity for people watching. Initially I started out by using a small sketchbook. The initial drawings are quite sketchy with multiple lines of uncertainty - this is partly the result of self-consciousness when drawing in public places. As time went on I made an effort to improve this by reverting to continuous line drawing and gave myself permission not to get tied up in thinking about proportions. People move all the time - it is rare for even queuing people to stand still for longer than a minute - they constantly shift their weight from foot to foot or look around or talk and gesture. Drawing people in public requires rapid and confident hand movements and retaining movements for a short time in the visual memory.

I liked the quality of the biro sketches and adapted some of these in the last sketch which I did with a bamboo pen and brown ink. I think the addition of the perspective of the queue as well as the continuous line make the drawing quite dynamic. I particularly like the woman walking away from us pulling a small suitcase.

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