Saturday, 5 April 2014

Exercise: Three Drawings - Standing

I was pleased that the first of the three drawings was the standing pose as this was likely to pose the fewest difficulties of the three. I drew several small sketches of Luigi in various poses in biro and in drawing ink (Sketchbook 6: Page 4). I then moved on to larger paper, In an attempt to keep the drawing fairly free I decided to use ink and wash with a Japanese Sumi-e brush. The first three drawings below are on A2 paper (Sketchbook 6: Pages 5-7) the last one was A1. 

I enjoyed drawing with this brown washable ink. The ink and brush technique meant that I had to be bold and confident with the line. Some of the drawings are more successful than others, I particularly like the first pose and the last one with his hands behind his neck - I liked the shapes that this made between his forearms and upper arms and the throng vertical of his spine and supporting leg. I retrospect, however, I can see that I've made his forearms rather too skinny. I have also chickened out with the feet. Still not confident about hands and feet - more practise needed.

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