Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Exercise: Form and Movement in a Clothed Figure

Here I have photographed two examples of work I did on the OCA workshop I attended. I like the strong lines that the model's cagoul made as he moved around.

I drew two drawings of Luigi seated for this exercise (photographs to follow). They can be found on pages 60 and 61 of sketchbook 5.

The first drawing was in coloured pencil. Overall I do think that it adequately describes the form and gives an impression of the folds in the fabric. It is however, a bit staid and not a particularly exciting drawing The next day I tried to do a freer drawing using ink - this time Luigi was wrapped in a sheet. I wasn't having a good day that day. I scribbled away at it for a short time and then decided enough was enough for today. The mark making on this second drawing was more exciting but the proportions and representation of the folds was not as good as the foes drawing.

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