Monday, 7 April 2014

Check and Log: Structure

How accurately did you depict the overall proportions of the figure?

I struggled with the overall proportions on some of the drawings. This was especially problematic on the lying down pose with the foreshortening. I really underestimated the effect of foreshortening on the proportions until I measured more thoroughly.  However, notwithstanding these struggles I can see that I have made significant improvements in my understanding of the proportions of the figure over the course of the last few exercises.

Did you try to imagine the sitter's skeleton and muscles? Did this help to convey the figure's structure and form?

I did find this helpful in conveying the structure of the figure. I was particularly attracted to the strong shape of the junction go the lumbar spine, sacrum and pelvis on the lying down pose. On the seated pose. imagining the underlying skeleton help me with my depiction of the hunched shoulders and prominent collarbone of the reading man.

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