Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Exercise: Quick Studies

For this exercise "accuracy is secondary to intuitive assessment of the figure" . Please also see http://aylishgiamei.blogspot.it/2014/07/exercise-quick-studies-continued-teatri.html for an exercise which seems to better fulfil this - a series of rapid blind drawings.

I made quite a nervous start again to this exercise which as usual had an adverse effect on my drawing. My first drawing was an opportunistic drawing of Luigi asleep in the hammock. It is really quite poor. I like his sleeping face bit the proportions are so bad (especially his tiny feet) that I almost put it in the bin. 

Unfortunately, when I wanted to complete this exercise my usual models weren't available so I decided tho continue anyway using a rapid online pose generator. My first couple of pencil drawings were really quite wobbly so I'm viewing these as a 'warm up'. 

After these I seemed to hit my stride - I felt myself becoming more confident about working my way around the body and the page. I was using Japanese ink brush pen which I have recently purchased. I love the way this draws. It really helps the marks to be fluid and fluent and this helps my confidence to grow.

The final drawing in this series was very simplified - I was trying to see whether I could simplify right down to a few lines and yet still give the impression of foreshortening of an arm and hand coming toward the viewer. Although this is clearly not an accurate and proportionate drawing I like the simplicity of it.

My drawing has improved significantly over part four of the course and is continuing to do so. I hope that the short time I have left on the course with its necessity for immersion in the drawing will help with the process of improvement and increasing confidence.

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