Thursday, 24 July 2014

Assignment 5: Initial Exercises

To warm up for the assignment I decided to do the exercise '50 drawings in 4 hours' from the book 'Experimental Drawing' by Robert Kaupelis (Watson-Guptill Publications 1992). This was a great exercise as the short time limit available for each drawing forces selectivity and the number of drawings required encourages use of different media to avoid monotony. Some are blind contour drawings others are selective line drawings. There are tonal drawings. Some are a good likeness. Some are way out and others are more abstract. Most of the drawings are A5 size in my A2 sketchbook. I particularly like some of the pan and wash drawings (I like the work of Marlene Dumas and her simple ink portraits). The very selective charcoal line drawings are quite expressive. I also like the one with the deep red shadow in which I have used a smear of red oil bar and then worked into it in graphite.

On the page above I the larger drawing (A4) is a subtractive drawing. I covered a sheet of acetate in india ink and then removed the ink with baby wipes and cotton buds. As the ink progressively dries the removal process produces different marks. I then reversed the acetate and stuck it in my sketchbook.

I enjoyed this exercise and it gave me more ideas on which to work for the process of completing the assignment. 

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