Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Check and Log. Project: Form

Were you able to maintain a focus on proportion at the same time as creating a sense of weight and three dimensional form?

It was more difficult in this exercise because given that the objective was to build form there was less time available to spend measuring. I think most of the drawings have ended up with reasonable proportions despite this. A couple of the drawings look as though the head is too small. This may be the result of not measuring carefully and overcompensating for my previous errors with the head being too large.

Which Drawing gives the best sense of pose and why?

I think this XL charcoal drawing gives a good sense of the weight of the model going down to his feet. The verticality of the lines of shading on the trousers helps to emphasise this weight travelling downwards

I also think this coloured pencil drawing gives a good sense of the pose. The body looks relaxed but with a tension in the upper torso and a twist of the shoulders away from the anne of the pelvis. The right side of the torso is elongated and the left side shortened as the model twists round to look at the TV. 

Was there any movement or gesturer away from the central axis. If so did you manage to identify this and put it in your drawing?

All of the poses in drawn from photographs have a degree of gesturer yo them - they are deliberately sped to give some sense of movement. Despite this and having positioned the limbs in approximately correct positions the drawings themselves don't have a lot of movement. I haven't made use of the gestures in the poses I was concentrating on th basic shapes so I think this is why this static effect has occurred.

The poses my son is adopting are mostly relaxed 'couch-potato' poses with little movement however the poses in which he has his arms raised to his head al have a degree of twisting and movement away from the central axis which I think is conveyed.

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