Thursday, 19 September 2013

Exercise: Parallel Perspective

Perspective is difficult, there's no doubt about that. Or at least I find it so. I drew a simple line drawing of the view from out living room through the dining room to the stairs. I then estimated where my eye level was and used a ruler to connect receding parallel lines at this level. It showed how very inaccurate my first attempt had been. The original lines here are in pencil and the contracted ones are in red biro. The turn on the staircase was the biggest problem for me and even with the constructed lines it ended up looking as though the stairs were sloped. 

I had another try with the corridor upstairs and made similar errors. The original lines on this one are in pencil and the constructed perspective lines are in pen.

I was not too surprised to see that although I felt the drawing was fairly accurate initially, the lines were really quite far out when the corrected lines were superimposed.

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