Thursday, 10 January 2013

Project: Reflected Light

Annotated Photograph Page 32: Sketchbook 1 (larger drawing not submitted)

Exercise: Study of light reflected from one object to another

Completed this exercise on 4th November. I tackled it using conte' crayon on A3 ingres pastel paper as I thought the coloured paper could serve as a useful mid-tone.  There are still some major issues with form here. The ellipse leading to the spout on the stainless-steel milk jug is  not symmetrical and looks somehow tilted towards the viewer. I also made life very difficult for myself by choosing the two coffee pots. I imagined these would help me with identifying light and shade because they are divided into planes. I failed to take into account the fact that these are complex shapes to draw and therefore beyond my current level of skill. 

I found it difficult  to maintain a difference between the very bright highlights produced by direct illumination and the more muted tones of reflected light. These objects were under bright illumination and the drawing does not show the degree of  contrast that there actually was. I think perhaps this may be because my cast shadows are not dark enough.

The milk jug had a much more reflective surface than the coffee pots. The reflections in this surface are rendered more subtly than the direct illumination in an attempt to denote the difference.

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