Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Exercises: Observing negative space and perspective

Pages 65-67: Sketchbook 1

This exercise involved following first the upper silhouettes of a group of objects and then the lower parts of the objects using the edge of  a table as a baseline from which to start. The negative spaces were, therefore the first to appear on the paper and the 'object spaces' were only filled in subsequently.

I found this exercise extremely difficult. It really brought home to me how inaccurate my drawing really is. On the first two attempts I noticed that I thought I had returned to base/table level much too far up the page. I had drawn whet I thought I was seeing the table to would have had a big step in it behind the objects. Obviously I was not observing properly. I tried drawing more slowly. The negative effect of this, however was that my lines became even more wobbly than usual.

Below is my best attempt from the first time I tried it on A2 paper with graphite stick.

I made another attempt at this on 13th January in my sketchbook. I still found it very difficult and some of the objects are still out of proportion but this time I found it a bit easier to identify the important negative shapes. I've taken a small step forwards but still need much more practice.

The baby oil bottle was a complex shape and I just couldn't master it

Here the body of the large marmite pot is out of proportion to the lid and the square chutney jar is off centre.

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