Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Experimenting with Frottage

Page 54-60: Sketchbook 1

I loved this. I didn't know it was called frottage. (having been advised to watch out for Les frotteurs on the Metro in Paris when travelling alone as a young woman - I was only familiar with a less respectable meaning- the two obviously coming from the fact that the processes involve rubbing)

It reminded me of doing brass rubbings as a child in the '70s.  When I started to look around me there were so many textured surfaces that I got carried away. I produced a large pile of textures and had to be quite selective about putting examples in the sketchbook.

One thing that I found amusing was that my frottage of a plastic suitcase looked more like the skin of a citrus fruit than my frottage of an actual grapefruit !- I might use this when I do my homage to Ernst. 

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