Friday, 9 November 2012

Basic Shapes and Fundamental Form: Check and Log

Are the objects in your drawings the correct size and shape in relation to each other?

Most of the objects are reasonable in terms of scale in relation to each other and the shapes are generally readable as what they are supposed to be. 

However, in the boxes and books exercise I must have made a mistake quite early on in the drawing with  the placement of the horizon line because the last box I drew was not correct in proportions and size in relation to the piled up tower. Although the tower looked generally OK there must be a problem here that I didn't pick up in order for the last box to be so out of proportion. 

When objects are viewed end-on I am struggling to get the proportions right. Also some of the vases appear to be levitating because the relationships I have drawn are not entirely accurate.

Do the shapes between the objects look correct?

Although I knew that I should look at the negative shapes I have still produced erratic results in terms of placing the objects in the correct position in relation to each other. Some of the negative shapes are quite inaccurate. For example, in the supermarket shop exercise there was a significant negative shape between the pasta packet and the tins which is almost lost as I struggled with the foreshortening of the bean tin.

In the large scale jars and Jugs exercise, there is a problem with the negative shapes as looking at the finished sketches the objects do not relate well to each other and some of the vases look like they are floating in mid air.

Do the objects in your drawings look solid?

The books and boxes and the bottles and jars from my sketchbook look three dimensional although not necessarily solid and weighty. Some use of tone would help with the solidity. The large scale jars and jugs are not so good. The vases on the right side of the page look very flat compared to the bottles and demi-john on the left. In the absence of use of tone to describe the form they would have benefitted from being rendered as transparent to allow use of further ellipses to describe the form. Alternatively the use of the surface cross-contour lines might have been helpful. 

The objects in the supermarket shop study look more solid owing to the use of surface colour and pattern and some use of tune although this could have been developed further.

Have you managed to create the feeling of depth in your drawings?

I have tried to create a feeling of depth by overlapping objects on the page to indicate their relative positioning one behind the other.  While this does give some impression of depth it doesn't really go far enough.  

In the supermarket shop exercise I have tried to convey depth by using tone and colour and by making the drawing on the pasta packet in the background paler and less detailed than the objects if front of it. The drawing, however still looks rather flat. There is not enough tonal variation with shadow formation and recession of objects. This could definitely be improved.

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