Thursday, 18 October 2012

Supermarket Shop: Finished

I completed this exercise on 15th October. This is two weeks later than planned because I injured my back and was very immobile for the last fortnight . When it was time to restart I really struggled with motivation to complete this as coming back to it, the problems seemed to have become more obvious. I was tempted to start the next exercise but am glad I stuck with this and completed it. I think in future I must plan my study periods better so that I don't have to leave an uncompleted piece of work for over a week while I'm away working. It causes a loss of momentum. 

The issues with perspective and foreshortening remain. I haven't been able to correct them. The baked bean and tuna tins in the centre are the most problematic area. 

I enjoyed using colour. However, I think that I haven't really represented the tonal variations very well, for example the darkest shadows here are not dark enough. Also some of the surfaces were more reflective than they appear as I haven't left bright enough highlights or given sufficient tonal contrast to capture this. This means that as a whole the arrangement looks rather flat. I've coloured it in rather than building up form.

Despite all these weaknesses, ultimately I have enjoyed this exercise and don't think the final result is too bad for this stage in the course.

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