Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tutor Feedback

Hello Aylish
Thanks for sending me the link. It looks as if you have been keeping
up despite your travels, so well done. Overall the work itself looks
fine. You have grasped the exercises and talk well throughout about
your difficulties en route through each exercise. The difficulties you
are having with the recent still life will be helped by studying the
negative space (the spaces between the objects) and this will become
easier over time. Overall the scale and 'look' of your objects look
fine, you just need to keep practicing how the objects relate to each
other more, but overall this is not a bad first effort. The work
should become easier when you are at home with a better, more
consistent natural light rather than artificial lighting from hotel
Also be a little more wary as you reflect on your experiences in your
log of the language you use. The learning log should be considered to
be a 'serious' reflective document, ie the word 'posh' should be
replaced with 'higher quality' crayons when you describe your
frustrations at using cheaper WH Smith crayons for example. If you
appear more serious with your descriptions, your assessors will take
you more seriously later on! Although the log is supposed to
demonstrate your personal journey through the course, it is regarded
to be academic in content, therefore the use of language needs to be
I hope this gives you a good sense of critical feedback so far. keep
me in touch as you head towards completion.

This is some very useful feedback I received from Hayley. As a result I've looked back at my blog and altered some of the language to give a slightly formal register. I had previously been treating it like an informal personal diary. I now realise that I need to approach this as more of an academic exercise to demonstrate a serious and thoughtful approach to my work.

It is true that I'm struggling with the relationships between objects, both with creating a pleasing composition and with creating believable space. Some of my jars and jugs seem to levitate above the others. Objects that are foreshortened are also a problem. I hope I will be able to progress with these issues as I move through the course.

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