Saturday, 29 September 2012

Exercise: Supermarket Shop

This is my progress so far on the supermarket shop exercise. It isn't finished but it's getting dark so the light isn't very good (hence the photo is a bit dark).  I have to go away from home again for a week tomorrow morning so will look at it with fresh eyes on my return and hope no-one knocks over the set-up. I'm enjoying using some colour. However, given that I'm working on an A2 sheet I'm regretting using pencil crayons as it's taking forever to build up the colours. Also my pencil crayons are cheap ones from WH Smiths and it's difficult to get a good depth of colour with them. A friend in England has some high quality pencil crayons she wants to sell so I'll have a try with them while I'm away.

The good thing about colour is it distracts a bit from the problems with form. There's a bit of a problem with the perspective on the rice box and the baked bean tin is slightly bowed as I struggled with foreshortening. I'm also struggling with the tuna can in the centre. The lid on the marmite pot is off centre and the ellipse looks a bit deep. I've found the lettering very difficult too.

There are some reasons I'm not that keen on pencil crayons as a medium. Firstly because I have to press quite hard to get the colour depth I like it means that I'm a bit restricted and can't use big strokes so I don't find them particularly expressive. It all looks a bit tight and twee. I also found it really difficult to place the highlight on the pasta packet. There are a few highlights missing which I might have to paint on with gouache afterwards. Reflective surfaces seem to be difficult to render in pencil crayon.

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