Friday, 9 November 2012

Check and Log: Tone and Form

How difficult did you find it to distinguish between light from the primary light source and secondary reflected light?

Initially I found it difficult to distinguish the two and I also found it difficult, therefore to render a difference between the incident light hitting the object and the reflected light so they ended up looking very similar in value when drawn whereas the reflected light should in fact be less distinct. I also was often missing the sliver of reflected light that is frequently present at the shadow side of a rounded object. This thin strip can be quite small and it is easy to miss it if you don't know to look for it specifically. 

Referring to the diagram of a sphere in the notes and annotating prints of Martha Alf's strongly illuminated studies of fruit helped me to overcome this difficulty.

How has awareness of light and shade affected your depiction of form?

Awareness of light and shade has allowed my depicted forms to appear more solid and three dimensional giving more depth to the drawings. It has also prompted me to try to improve my handling of the media I have been using to enable more satisfactory rendering of light and shade. 

Struggling with a drawing tool means that I concentrate too much on the tool and end up missing important details of light and shade. I am therefore convinced that lots more practice and the resulting improvement in confidence in handling different implements will allow me to concentrate better on the forms. For example I concentrated well on the tonal variations when using the pencils after a few practice runs but when I changed to pen the principles were lost as I struggled with the pen. The remedy, therefore will be to practise more with pen.

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