Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Random sketchbook "Art Every Day of November"

Here are a few examples of random work which I posted on the Facebook group "Art every day of November". I was not particularly selective about what I posted - that was the point- to show others my work even when I was not satisfied with it.

Day 1: Self portrait - this is more like the ubiquitous 'selfie' than a self portrait
given that it was rapidly and spontaneously executed. I like the quality of line
that comes from drawing 'blind'


Theme: love (tonal)

Theme: Love - development 

Theme: Love- development

Self Portrait after a 16 hour nightshift without a break

Sleeping cat: the challenge was to include text

Inchies: Drawings of trees 1 inch square in size

Mr Print lives in a valley between the fingertip mountains,
he doesn't mind the isolation or the fact that it's a long
drive to the nearest supermarket but sometimes he wishes
the sun would shine into his valley.

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