Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Project: Enlarging an Image

Page 72-75: Sketchbook 1

Exercise: Enlarging an Existing Drawing

This  exercise made me nervous. I was aware that inaccuracies in the first drawing would be exaggerated in the larger version. The more nervous I am, the more difficult I find it to draw accurately because slow and careful hand movements seem to result in less fluid lines. In the first drawing, the cup is slightly skewed and this has translated over to the larger drawing.  there is also inaccuracy in redrawing the bottom part of the handle on the second drawing- giving it a more bulbous appearance than the original.

Exercise: Enlarging a Simple Flat Image.

Check and Log

How successful were you in copying the lines from the smaller squares to the larger squares?

The larger drawing looks quite similar to the smaller one but there are a few inaccurate areas. The handle on the cup is more angular in the larger drawing than the original. The knob on the top of the sugar pot is relatively smaller compared to the pot on the larger drawing than the original. There is also an issue with the rim of the teapot on the right side where the inner line is wobbly compared to the soother ellipse of the original.

Are you satisfied with your larger replica of the image? What would you do differently another time?

I'm generally happy with it but there are some issues which I hadn't noticed until I stood back when I had finished. Another time I would mark the lines in faintly in pencil then stand back and compare the two pictures at a distance before drawing definitively in pen.

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