Monday, 25 February 2013

Part Two: Observation in Nature: Exploring Coloured Media

Project: Exploring Coloured Media

I really enjoyed the freedom of this exercise. I love to use colour and this was a very god excuse to buy some new colours and experiment with media I hadn't tried before - namely oil pastels and water-soluble marker pens (Aquamarkers)

Experiments with oil pastels: Using them on a textured ground, blending with turpentine, resist techniques with coloured ink, graffito and impression making.

Experiments with drawing inks: Dropped onto moist paper , applied to wet paper then mixed by tilting the paper, Working on paper at varying stages of drying, Using resist with oil pastels, blending with a flat brush leaving brush impressions.

Experiments with Aquamarkers: working wet into dry and wet into wet (on wet paper). Applying water over dry pen and blending colours using a blending pen.

Mixing tone and colour by stippling and hatching using coloured pencil, felt-tip pen, oil pastel, Aquamarker and soft pastel (the bottom soft pastel is finger blended rather than hatched.

I was surprised by how versatile the oil pastels could be. I used to use them when I was a kid   and abandoned them along with wax crayons so in my mind they were only good for colouring in in bright primary colours but there is much much more that they can do and I'm looking forward to using them.
I find the inks quite difficult to handle but produced some interesting results by forcing myself to experiment.
My favourite new item, however was the pack of Aquamarkers. I love these. They work much better on watercolour paper than on cartridge as the blending tends to rub the surface of the cartridge paper into little balls.

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