Thursday, 25 April 2013

Playing Catch Up Again

Once again I've allowed my practical work to streak ahead of my blogging. This occurs largely because I really enjoy and get absorbed with the practical drawing aspect of the course. Typing and research points seem a bit too much like 'proper' work (as opposed to playing with crayons) and I therefore find it much more difficult to motivate myself to do them. 

The cause of the current big gap in blogging is being held up by a research point on Albrecht Durer. I got overwhelmed by the amount of information available and procrastinated so much that I ground to a halt.  I need to start applying the adage 'On time is better than perfect' and give myself a time-limit for the research points. 

I've got three days now before I go back to work so will make an effort to update my blog to my current place in the course. 

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